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A healthy source of lithium, tungsten gold!
August 21st, 2012

Price Of Minerals Rising

With natural resources essential for electronics being depleted every day, it's no wonder that corporations like GTSO (Green Technology Solutions) Resources, are cashing in on urban mining. Waste Management, Sprint Nextel, and even Cisco Systems have all started to invest in recycling E-waste.

Realistically, it's not all about saving planet, as there is a large incentive for manufacturers to recycle rare metals and other materials to cut overall costs of operation. Sprint's Director of Cellphone Recycling reported recently that the company's recycling efforts have saved them over a billion dollars. ... Read More


About Us:

We looked around at retailers offering gift-cards, online stores offering peanuts and everyone offering to "dispose" of perfectly useful electronics while having zero accountability and giving the customer nothing in return. Our company's founder said "We can do better". SellMyCellCanada offers a fair price to the consumer and makes sure all the devices we receive are properly recycled in accordance with OES standards.

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Honest and fair prices. It was a pleasure working with this company -I'm still trying to unearth more electronic artifacts to sell. Great experience.